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Glossier's Bday Balm Truly is the Balm Dotcom!

Glossier and Momofuku’s Milk Bar teamed up to create a birthday cake flavoured lip balm inspired by the sweet shops famous cake!

While on a trip to the Big Apple I casually stumbled across the balm in Milk Bar (Yeah, I was buying Crack Pie). It was on display at the cash. I’ve always heard great reviews about Glossier, and I recognized their signature pink bubble wrap bag.

I’m obsessed with everything birthday cake & I’m always in the market for a new balm.. It was as if my world’s were colliding! Since that day, Glossier’s Birthday Balm Dotcom has been a staple in my make-up bag. I cannot go anywhere without it!

The scent alone deserves five stars! It’s very true to the birthday cake flavour. Finding a balm that stays on your lips for long periods of time is rare. I was shocked that this balm stayed on for more than a few hours. I must add, it didn’t become slimy or thicken. It was the exact same from when I put it on in the morning. I even use the balm under a matte lipstick as a base.

If you’re looking for a go-to balm this is definitely it! It’s super hydrating, long lasting, smells like a cake, and has a bit of sparkle! How could you go wrong?

Image Source: Glossier

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