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This recipe is BANANAS!

If you follow Chrissy Teigen on Instagram, you know that she's a serious foodie! The internet has been buzzing for some time now about her famous Banana Bread recipe, so I had to give it a try. This isn't your typical banana bread recipe.. It includes shredded coconut, dark chocolate, and vanilla pudding. Chrissy recommends using a bundt pan for optimal moistness! - The bundt that I had was on the smaller side, so I poured the rest in a regular cake pan. When you're combing the wet and dry ingredients you're getting a preview of how dense and delicious this banana bread is going to be (Seriously, my arms were in pain after mixing it all together). My only recommendation for this recipe would be to add 1 full cup of dark chocolate, instead of half a cup. I would say that the outcome is in the middle of being a bread and a cake.. So it's a Brake! Make sure to dig in while it's warm with a slice of butter! This recipe was very simple, and turned out great. I'm thinking of investing in her cookbook. I've been hearing great things about her macaroni & cheese recipe. I may have to try that one out next! You can find the recipe for her Banana Bundt Bread here, happy baking! Image source

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