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So Good They Named it Crack Pie

On a recent trip to New York City, I made it my mission to finally check out Momofuku’s Milk Bar. Although they have a store in Toronto, I wanted to try their goodies fresh (Their products are made in the US & shipped to Canada)!

I’ve been waiting all these years to try their infamous Crack Pie, and let me tell you it was worth the wait! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying it, you know it’s like no other. Some call it a modern spin on the classic Chess Pie. Instead of a regular pie shell, the Crack Pie is made with an oat cookie crust! It’s filled with gooey brown butter goodness that is just absolutely delicious!

This tasty pie comes with a hefty price tag of $49 CAD, or $6 per slice.

For less than half the price of a whole pie, you can bake one right at home! The total time to bake & cool is about 15 hours, but hey you’re saving some moula & baking it fresh!

You can find the recipe here, happy baking! Image Source: Momofuku Milk Bar

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