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Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop Now Open!

Did you receive an unwanted gift without the receipt? Not to worry, Skittles opened up a pawn shop for you to trade in your unwanted gifts for.. You guessed it SKITTLES!

This is the third year that Skittles has opened up the holiday pawn shop in Toronto. It is said that this is the final year the pawn shop will be open. All items pawned will be donated to The United Way of Toronto & York Region.

Laura Amantea, Marketing Director of Wrigley said: “This is bittersweet news to deliver but fear not, Canadians will have one last chance to trade all those unwanted holiday gifts for something they really want — Skittles candy.”

The pawn shop is looking particularly for new socks, gloves, PJ’s, and personal care items.

This year you can get your items appraised online. Find out more information on their website.

The Skittles Holiday Pawn shop is open for business until December 29th, 2017. They’re located at 277 Queen St. West in Toronto.

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