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UNIQLO is Restoring Our Faith in Humanity!

Japanese retailer UNIQLO is a new favourite amongst Torontonian's. They offer casual designs for women, men, youth, and babies. In a few days UNIQLO will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary of their first Canadian store. However, they're making headlines for another reason. UNIQLO recently opened up a pop-up shop in Downtown Toronto. They offered a free flannel button-up shirt to every person that entered the shop (How could a Canadian turn down a free flannel?!). The patrons were also offered another option.. They could hang the flannel on the wall for a newcomer to Canada to have instead. Yasuhiro Hayashi, Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO Canada said: “We opened a pop-up space that was completely empty so that Canadians could be the ones to fill it up.. And it didn’t take long for the walls to be fully covered. We knew Canadians were warm and welcoming, but we were very surprised when every single person who came in decided to give up their shirt to a Canadian newcomer.” It's not a shocker that every person gave-up the shirt on their back in true Canadian spirit! Check out the heart warming video below #ProudCanadian

Video Source: UNIQLO Canada, Youtube

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