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Fenty Beauty Has Arrived

Last week Rihanna debuted her makeup line Fenty Beauty, and the reviews are in.. IT’S A HIT!

The internet has been buzzing about everything released in the line! Fenty Beauty popped up on the market with just under one-hundred products, which included: lip glosses, high lighters, lipstick, eyeshadows, concealer stickers, and oh yeah forty shades of foundation. Yes, you read that correctly. Fenty Beauty offers FORTY shades of foundation from pale to deep tones, and everyone in between!

Fenty Beauty is one of the first makeup lines to offer such a wide range of shades that are being sold in easily accessible retailers. The deeper tones from the foundation collection are sold out in almost all Sephora stores across North America.

At a press event in NYC Rihanna stated "I just also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with”.

Rihanna created this entire line with every makeup lover in mind. The packaging is not only millennial pink, but the shape of the products are very futuristic with sharp lines & sleek designs. Which pretty much means, these products are VERY Instagramable!

The expectations were high for Fenty Beauty, and I feel that Rihanna blew it right out of the water. By including a ride range of shades, Rihanna is including every skin tone & showing the rest of the makeup industry how it’s done! Oh yeah, Fenty Beauty is also 100% cruelty free.

Fenty Beauty is available at Sephora & Fenty Beauty Image Source: Fenty Beauty

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