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Review: Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

I've been on the hunt for a setting spray that would keep my makeup matte for a few hours (I'm not even asking for a full day!). No matter the season, my makeup just wouldn't last. I suffer from EXTREMELY oily skin. In less than two hours the oil would seep through the makeup and just ruin the entire look. I've tried setting sprays from other brands, but none of them seem to work like Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray!

This product is amazing! With this setting spray, my makeup is able to last a full day without reapplying any powder. The other day I was rushing to get to the airport at 9am, I broke out into a sweat and my makeup was still intact! I arrived in New York, and did a bit of shopping, and my makeup was fine. I had dinner reservations for 10pm, I just did a bit of blotting with oil control sheets & I was ready for the night! That was the longest I've had the same face of makeup on! My makeup lasted a total of fifteen hours that day! When I first bought the product, I was a little disappointed. I would spray my face in the morning, and by lunch my face was even oiler than it would be without it. I was contemplating returning it, but I decided to check a couple of beauty forums. One woman was having the same problem that I was. She said that she would spray her face, and then use a beauty blender and blot her face. I tried it, and violà! My makeup lasted for more than ten hours! If you have super oily skin like I do, this product is truly worth purchasing. It has to be made out of unicorn tears!

Image Source: Sephora

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