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To Get Eyelash Extensions, or to Not Get Eyelash Extensions - That is the Question!

The question posed is a real tricky one. I was on the fence about getting eyelash extensions for a couple of years before I finally booked my appointment. Of course during those years I did a bit of research. How do the technicians apply the lashes. The different types of faux lashes that could be used. Don't even get me started on the different styles that could be done! During those years there were a few questions that haunted me.. Would I love them? Would they be a nuisance to care for? Are they worth it? My answer to all of those questions would be YES! YES I do love my eyelash extensions (I honestly don't know how I've been going years without them?!). I feel that they complete the look when my face is made all the way up. On those days that I decided not to wear any makeup, they add a little sparkle to a natural face! They are perfect for a beach vacation, or during the warmer seasons when you don't feel like wearing heavy makeup. YES they are a nuisance to care for.. IF you're not fully committed. These little guys are super high maintenance, make sure you have the patience to care for them! - For the first twenty-four hours you can't get them wet (Make sure to wear your goggles in the shower!). When you are able to wash them, use an oil free cleanser. Your lash tech should be able to recommend one, or you could use baby shampoo (Works exactly the same, and a fraction of the price - Lash Tech Approved!). Walking in the wind is equivalent to being in a horror movie. There's just too much suspense, you don't know what's going to happen to your lashes. You just have to cover them and hope for the best! I've also had to change the way that I sleep. I now build a pillow fort around myself every night. You know just to insure that I don't roll over on my face and crush them. - Oh yeah, you can forget about driving with the windows down too.

YES they are worth it! Having them cuts down the time I spend on my makeup routine! In conclusion eyelash extensions have been an amazing addition. They require a lot of care, but if you're down for the cause you'll enjoy them just as much as I do!

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