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How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly increases their lifespan, and keeps your face looking flawless! WHAT I USE Ivory Dish Soap Hydrogen Peroxide Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Mat I like to use dish soap to clean my brushes, I find that since it's meant to clean grease off of dishes it works extremely well on my brushes (I'm currently looking for an organic dish soap, but haven't had any luck finding one that doesn't use too many oils - Feel free to suggest one!). I also like to use hydrogen peroxide as a disinfecting agent to remove any bacteria & prevent break outs. I absolutely love the Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Mat! This cleaning mat has suction cups, and is the perfect shape to fit around the drain of your sink. It also has seven different textures for cleaning all types of makeup brushes. I mix 1/4 cup dish soap & 1 capful of hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl & swish together. I then run my brush under warm water, dip into my soapy solution, and swirl the brush among the various textures on the mat until clean. It's SO satisfying to see the water run clear! Most times I'll pat the brushes dry with a paper towel, but if I'm feeling diva-like I'll blow dry each brush on cool. I find that blowdrying the brushes makes them super fluffy & luxurious for your next use!

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